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Meet our General Manager

Shaun Palmer is our General Manager on site. Before joining Mooi River Truck Stop in 2015, Shaun was a Captain in the South African Police Service with over 25 years of experience. He specialised in the logistics field in later years where he ran a fleet of over 800 vehicles and was also overall responsible…
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New Parking System

We have been very pleased with the positive feedback from our valued clients following the initiation of our new parking system in August. Firstly, we have built 2 pay booths at the entrance of our parking area which can now accommodate over 400 trucks at any given time following the extension of our parking area.…
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Proud of our Safety Record

We pride ourselves on our safety record and have put in a lot of effort to ensure that our drivers feel protected. We have not had any major incidents reported in the past 4 years as a result on our emphasis on security. The property is completely fenced, fully electrified and alarmed. We have high-spec…
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